Save cash using your company's products and services to finance major advertising campaigns.
Manage Excess Capacity, Increase Sales, Solve Occupancy Challenges, Expand Stock Value, Guarantee Room Bookings
Turn empty room nights into expanded ad campaigns and guaranteed bookings
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Northwest Barter Brokers Is a Pacific Northwest based barter brokerage service specializing in Premium Trade Inventories, Media Placements and Barter Services throughout the barter industry. Serving barter members, barter exchanges and corporate trade groups across multiple trade platforms through specialized Direct Trade Agreements, Barter Based Media Placements, Hospitality Purchasing Programs and Barter Program Development. We operate on most national currencies and do not charge any cash transaction fees.
Providing capacity management and cash flow recognition to specific industry sectors through specialized web portals
Trading For Advertising Made Easy !
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Northwest Barter Brokers serves barter members, barter exchanges, corporate trade groups and direct trade clients through a suite of barter services including :
Providing Trade members, Media Properties and Corporate Trade partners access to Ad Specialty, Incentive and Corporate Gift items.
Trade Currency Conversions We offer the ability to coordinate trade currency conversions  from one trade currency to another. For More Information On A Trade Currency Conversion Please Click Here
Private Brokerage Services If you are an active trader or considering a specific acquisition project utilizing a barter model a private brokerage model may offer you the focus and flexibility needed to maximize your return. Acquire goods across a wide range of barter platforms without multiple transaction fees.
Direct Trade Agreements For those that wish to take advantage of the benefits a barter arrangement provides to lowering expenses and increasing overall returns, but do not wish to be a member of a structured trade exchange we offer Direct Trade Agreements that provide the same level of individualized service a trade exchange environment offers without the transaction fee burden.
Barter Based Media Placements You can create a first class media campaign funded completely through a Barter arrangement Radio, Cable, Newspapers, magazines, Internet and viral marketing campaigns are all available to build market share and increase sales. Visit Barter Media Brokers  Here
Hospitality Purchasing Programs We will buy your excess room inventory! You can then use these funds to purchase goods and services you are currently paying cash for or expand expenditures in areas such as advertising and promotion that previous cash budgets would not allow.
Barter Program Development Barter systems are utilized by a majority of the fortune 500 companies with many establishing specific departments who concentrate solely on barter based transactions. Barter systems offer a viable method of capacity control and asset maximization for business of any size.
Exchange Development Services For those interested in operating their own barter and trade exchange we offer Exchange Development Services covering everything from system development and marketing methods to currency creation and inventory acquisition. We also offer joint venture and investment only programs.
Featured Trade Inventory
Retail Center Bench Advertising. Out of home opportunity delivers your advertising message directly to consumers at the point of sale. High Reach, High Frequency  exposure at major grocery stores and retailers. Much lower cpm than other OOH options while being highly targeted Los Angele , Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Houston, Dallas , Raleigh/ Charlotte , Denver $565.00 per month full trade. P&I costs of $65 in cash the first month Contract me for the complete media kit